Network is the heart of every company’s communication structure, that all the other methods of communication would lead back to the network.
Now new technologies such as Virtualisation and Cloud Based services are more and more in demand.


1. Anti virus

The threat of new virus attacks is a growing concern to companies and large users of IT, networks, smartphones and the internet. The internet and email are now vital parts to running a successful and profitable business. However, as with most things it is accompanied by significant risk.

More and more viruses, worms, Trojan horses, cyber-threats, malware and malicious codes of every sort are sent out daily to attack your network. These software programs infect your network and often perform malicious acts, such as deleting files and stealing confidential information. You need optimised network protection to combat these threats.

Para Network provides a range of antivirus solutions from Kaspersky Lab, Vipre and ESET to deliver unified security system management that controls all your inbound and outbound data flows.

2. Para Networks – Next Generation Firewalls

Recent advances in the sophistication of cyber criminals have rendered traditional Firewalls out of date. To ensure your business is truly protected against the latest security threats, you have a couple of choices; either upgrade to Next Generation Firewalls, or buy additional devices such as an Intrusion Detection System (IDS) Consolidating onto a Next Generation Firewall makes financial sense as it provides the ability to protect your business with more advanced technology through just one device, rather than employing several devices to perform similar functionality.

Para Network’s Next Generation Firewalls have the ability to detect the newest threats to your security. These Firewalls have advanced capabilities that combine innovative identification technologies, high-performance and additional foundational features, representing an enterprise class solution for your business.

Next Generation Firewalls from Para Networks enable enterprises to identify and control applications, users, and content—not just ports, IP addresses, and packets—using three unique identification technologies: App-ID, User-ID, and Content-ID.

Classify all traffic, on all ports, all the time—irrespective of protocol, encryption or evasive tactic

Securely enable applications on your network based on users and groups—not just IP addresses

Real-time content scanning blocks threats, controls web surfing and limits data and file transfers

Para network able to offer great deals on Next-Generation Firewalls. There is a variety of payment and shipping options available meaning you can get what you need fast, with in-stock items usually shipped on the same day payment is received.

For more information, browse through specific products including:

• PA 200 Series – High speed Internet gateway deployments within distributed enterprise branch offices.

• PA 500 Series – Internet gateway deployments within medium to large branch offices and medium sized enterprises to ensure network security and threat prevention.

• PA 2000 Series – High speed Internet gateway deployments within large branch offices and medium sized enterprises to ensure network security and threat prevention.

• PA 4000 Series – High speed Internet gateway deployments within enterprise environments to ensure threat prevention and overall network security.

• PA 5000 Series – High speed Internet gateway and data centre deployments

Network Security & VPN Services

IT Security is becoming more of a concern to small businesses as IT developments progress and with the increase in the use of broadband connections. To ensure your data is secure from the Internet, Para Network has developed a range of security products for any budget, for any network. From Firewalls to protecting your network from Viruses and Spam and Anti Spyware your networks need to constantly stay up to date with emerging technologies to ensure you are secure.

With so many security products on the market, Para Network can work with you to supply, install and support complete network solutions that match your company’s needs, regardless of the ISP or systems your business uses.

With a wide range of security products at our disposal, Para Network can design the correct solution for your business. Our expertise includes: Cisco networking & products, Checkpoint, Netscreen, , SonicWall, Watchguard,  and many more.

From the smallest network requirements with only a single network hub, (Para Network’s entry level firewall and VPN product), to Checkpoint™ security products for the larger business, Para Network has a solution that’s right for your business.

Many small businesses require connectivity to the resources on their server from many locations – remote office, home office or mobile laptop users – Para Network can supply a service allowing seamless, secure and user-friendly access to all of these services.

If you need access to your business data whilst on the road or from a home office, speak to Para Network today to find out how you can do this efficiently.

With more and more of your companies’ valuable data being stored electronically, ensuring you have a reliable backup is now paramount for your company to continue operating.

Previously backups were expensive and time consuming. Backup tape drives cost a significant amount of money and tapes had to be swapped on a daily basis and stored in a secure location.

At Para Network we have developed an online backup solution that removes the cost and the headaches of backing up your data. Taking the pressure off you and providing a failsafe solution to ensure your data is secure.

Using a broadband Internet connection we can securely store your data in our modern and safe datacentres on a daily basis. Using the latest encryption technologies you can be sure that this is a secure transfer and your data cannot be read.

By installing a small application on your file server the files are encrypted and then sent across the Internet using a broadband connection (your existing one). They are then stored on our servers securely and updated daily to ensure you have an up to date back up.

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